Federal University Gusau

S/N     TITLE                                                                                                                          AUTHOR                                                                             DEPARTMENT

1.      Evaluation of Pollution Profile and Physico-Chemical                                                  XXXX                                                                                    Chemistry                            Download

         Parameters of Open Refuse Dumps in Sokoto, Nigeria 

2.     Spatial Distribution of Some Heavy Metals in Sediments                                             XXXX                                                                                    Geology                                Download             

        from the River Hadejia Catchment, Nigeria

3.     Phytochemical Analysis, Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory                                         XXXX                                                                                     Chemistry                            Download 

        Studies on the n-Hexane Soluble Fraction of Vernonia glaberrima

4.     Molluscicidal Activity of Some Selected Plants on Fresh water                                   XXXX                                                                                     Biology                                 Download

        Snail Lanistes ovum 

5.     Micropolar Fluid Flow with Hall Effect and Mass Transfer                                          XXXX                                                                                     Mathematics                      Download

         in a Porous Medium

6.      Effect of Heat Source on Free Convection Fluid Flow in a Vertical                            XXXX                                                                                    Mathematics                        Download

         Channel with Chemical Reaction 

7.      Reliability Measures of Academic Performance                                                            XXXX                                                                                    Mathematics                       Download

8.      Autoregressive Model for Cocoa Production in Nigeria                                               XXXX                                                                                   Mathematics                        Download

9.      Effects of Pearl Millet (Pennisetum typhiodes) Sole Cropping                                   XXXX                                                                                      Geology                              Download

         on Soil Chemical Properties in Musawa Area, Katsina State, Nigeria  

10.    Geospatial Analysis of Accessibility to Healthcare Facilities in                                    XXXX                                                                                    Geology                                Download                                                

         Bauchi Local Government Area, Bauchi State, Nigeria